Hi, I’m Coach Val!

I journey with people in discovering their greatest talents so that they may lead purposeful lives.

One-on-One Coaching

I hold meaningful conversations with leaders and professionals who want to be better at what they do. Understanding what gives meaning to their work; what their natural talents are so that they may live a life of purpose.

Leadership Workshops and Trainings

I specialize in management capability trainings. I help managers and leaders learn the right competencies to be able to lead and manage their teams effectively to create a more productive and meaningful workplace.

Talks and Events

You may invite me to speak about my subject-matter expertise in areas of personal and leadership development, organizational culture and psychology. Some topics include finding one’s strengths; designing a meaningful career; developing company culture; organizational alignment through mission, vision and values, self-esteem, the future of work among others.

Who is Coach Val?

Thought Leadership – capturing snippets of my thoughts…

Articles: My thoughts – just longer…

  • This Mindset Can Delay You On Scaling Your Business

    This Mindset Can Delay You On Scaling Your Business

    Donny is a business owner, with ten employees and continuously scaling up to 30 by the end of the year. He has made a considerable amount but is experiencing a challenge when managing his people. Morale is low; motivation and engagement are dropping; and his managers do not understand where they are headed. In the…

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  • Beyond “Good Job” – How to Level Up Your Generic Positive Remarks

    Beyond “Good Job” – How to Level Up Your Generic Positive Remarks

    Good job! Great work! Well good! We’ve all heard one version of this. You may want to call it a verbal pat on the back or just a simple praise for good work. The thing is, we need something like this at some point. It also feels good to receive one. If you are the…

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  • The Advice “Focus on Your Strengths” Might Not Be What You Think

    The Advice “Focus on Your Strengths” Might Not Be What You Think

    I have been a strengths coach since 2014 and have heard my fair share of criticism about “focusing on your strengths” as personal development advice. Generally how people understand this, is to identify “areas” of strength in your life and focus on doing it more as compared to doing things that are not within those… Read…

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“We worked with Coach Val at Canva for a series of Strengths workshops and coaching. I appreciate how he takes time to understand our organization, its objectives and challenges to align how he can add value and contribute to what we are trying to achieve. To this day, he has continuously supported me on both my personal and professional goals.”

Kei San Pablo
Former Country Manager, Canva PH

“It’s not about his expertise in my field, but it was about how he processed the problems and ideas I had, that led me to clearly seeing the right path. Combine this with his Strengths-based background, and it really helped spur me to realise what path is best for me, and what I can become if I continue down that road.”

Dodge Ronquillo
Assistant Vice President, Product & Partnerships, Fintech Group UnionBank

“Val is a great listener. That’s the first reason why he stands out as a coach. His ability to work out professional issues in order to activate strengths would be nothing if he wasn’t able to hear what was being said and inversely, what was not being said as well. His innate ability to empathize amplifies this.”

Patricia Malay
Senior Vice President and General Manager, FleishmanHillard Manila

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