Focused One-on-One Strengths Coaching Draft

Coaching Conversations on Specific Topics

The Mission Focused Strategic Planning session program is a product of my experiences helping small and medium scale businesses with their strategic planning sessions. In those engagements I saw the need for the right kind of structure in doing strategic planning but at the same time the demand for a simpler process to come up with objectives with clear accountabilities, clear, actionable and can be broken down to monthly and even weekly activities. 

I also saw the benefit of having a third-party facilitator in these kinds of sessions. Factors that may hinder clarity can be discussed because an external facilitator can ask questions without assumptions of the current context of the company. This is where years of training and experiences on facilitating individual and group discussions will be helpful for you and your team.

Let us set a discovery call for me to understand your context and to see whether a mission focused strategic planning session might be for you. 


It’s time to leverage on your leadership team’s collective strengths to collective relevant data to influence your plans.


Because you do not leave your business strategy to guess-work!

Your Strat Plan should be professionally facilitated discussions around your company’s goals, issues and results.